Painting Figures

Adding figures to your paintings is a great way to add interest.
The viewer will spend more time looking at a painting when there are people.

Some of the facts for painting people are:
there are about seven heads in the total height of the figure,
the top of the legs or waist is half the height of the figure,
arms hang to about halfway down the thigh.
Observing people is the best way to learn the right proportions.
Painting figures with Fiona Peart

Remember that the closer the figure the darker the colour,
distant figures will be more subdued or greyed.
This is important because you do not want the tiny figures to overtake the painting.

Painting landscapes is one thing. But once you start adding people into a scene, things can get tricky.

In this short instructional video, Carl Dalio explains how to paint figures that won't distract from your overall painting. In a way, these "figures" are meant to be just as much a part of the landscape as any other object in the scene.

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