The local Pub plays an important role in any village and Newtown ,with only six streets, had several. Generally speaking the women were not encouraged to frequent them, but there were a few exceptions, namely: Doty O'Loughlin, Katie Knight, Nana Gunning and Katie Leah - all well respected and much loved women - who worked as hard as some of the men on the west dock.

They had a special 'cwtch' or 'snug' in Fitzy's (The Crichton Arms) and on a Saturday lunchtime on their way home from work, they would stop by and enjoy a glass (or two) of the famous 'black stuff' - along with a good pinch of 'Irish toast'. Well, they would need to replace that iron after a hard week - loading and unloading all those potatoes for the England's wouldn't they?


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