Unless one lived in or had reason to visit the little streets leading off Tyndall Street you could be forgiven for thinking that Newtown consisted of Herbert Street, Tyndall Street, Rail Sidings, Warehouses and the entrances to the East and West Dock.

Those little streets, and there was onIy six of them, were not thoroughfares. That is to say if you were to drive through them from Tyndall Street they would only take you back to Tyndall Street or into Tyndall Field Goods Yard.

The result was that the only vehicular traffic to use them belonged either to the residents or to the trades people making deliveries there. What a pleasure it was to walk around that close community without the noise and fumes of traffic to detract from the wonderful atmosphere.

For the pedestrian there was an alternative approach, the one which I think was the best way to be introduced to Newtown. The footbridge over the railway took you straight into a charming world of small terraced houses and quaint corner shops. The comparision with bustling Adam Street bad to be experienced to be believed.