* How to Compose a PaintingComprehensive tutorial from Peter Saw
* Splatter and Spray Flinging paint is fun
Colour theoryHow colours work - Peter Saw
Colour: Basic Mixing
Colour: Compound colours
Demo - M.V. ClematisLine drawing available - uses PC
Demo - Golden Woods
Demo - Paint a birdalso has Realplayer video
Demo - Painting HatsAsimple exercise using just three colours
Demo- Shagrock , New Zealand
Drawing Sailing Ships4 pages with lots of illustrations
Dry Brush Technique10 stage demo
Elements - DirectionThe element of direction - Control it
Elements and Principles of DesignThe building blocks that go to make up a work of art
Elements: Cloudsmaking the sky a major part of the subject
Elements: Foliagetaking the mystery out
Elements: Shadowspainting convincing looking shadows
Elements: Small figuresan easy way to paint small figures in watercolour
Elements: Trees6 page tutorial with short videos - Peter Saw
Elements: Trees Step-by-Step: (w/frisket),
Industrial stufftake a different approach to your subject
Landscape featuresbreaking landscape subjects down into simple elements
Observing & Painting ShadowsBy Peter Saw
On Location
Photographsmake them easier to work from
Planning Washes
Portrait seriesA series of eleven lessons
Portrait: AlyssaDemonstartion
Portrait: CatherineDemonstartion
Practicing Your Brushwork
Question and answeranswers to all sorts of questions
SL - Bowl and ApplesStill Life
SL - Bowl of FruitStill Life
SL - Magnolias
SL - Roses
Texturegive your work a more interesting surface
Tips for beginnerstips and techniques to help you avoid the most common problems
Tonal contrast
Video - Painting Clouds - Bob Davies
Watercolour - TECHNIQUE
What to includewhat to put in and what to leave out