Written by Phil Roderick   
Sunday, 14 November 2010 15:27

SULLIVAN , (Manley, Coughlin) Ellen Street

I am very interested in Family History and the history of Cardiff. Dad's side were all Bristol Channel pilots out of Cardiff. In my research I have found a few World wide who are of Irish descent and a few who have Ellen Street in their past. My mother's side came from the Roaring Water bay area just west of Skibareen. They were dropped at Port Talbot and walked into Cardiff sometime in the mid 1850's. They were amongst the first to live in Newtown and by 1881 had left to settle in Milton Street, Roath (another community gone).

My Great Great Grandfather arrived in Wales in the 1 850s The family were Patrick Sullivan his wife Ellen sons Denis and Daniel. also Daniels wife Eliza and their children Julia Ann and Bartholemew.

In 1861 living in 21 William Street. Patrick Sullivan aged 50 born Ireland. Ellen Sullivan aged 51 born Ireland; Mary Sullivan aged 11 born Ireland; Ellen Sullivan aged 9 born Cardiff; at 30 William Street: Denis Sullivan aged 25 born Ireland; Mary Ann Sullivan aged 19 born Ireland (formerly Nash they married in 1860 and were living in Rosemary Street; Mary at No 1; Denis at No3 at the time also living with Mary Ann Nash at No 1 Rosemary Street 1860 was a Catherine Sullivan aged 75 who could possibly be Patrick's mother. Mary was known to have arrived on the same boat as the family. Also at 30 William Street: Daniel Sullivan (Denis's brother) born Ireland Eliza Sullivan Daniels wife born Ireland. Children Julia Ann Sullivan born Ireland Bartholomew born Ireland Robert born Cardiff.

In 1871 living at 32 Ellen Street Patrick Sullivan aged 60, Ellen Sullivan aged 61, James Downey aged 21 Born Liverpool (son in law) Ellen Downey (formerly Sullivan) born Cardiff aged 19. They were also living here in 1881.

In the 1 870s and up to 1881 Denis and his wife Mary Ann (my GG Grandparents) were living in 21 North William Street Their children were- William Sullivan born 1862; Daniel Sullivan born 1867; John Sullivan born 1868; Denis Sullivan born 1870; Mary Ellen Sullivan born 1875.

In 1896 Denis born 1870 married Catherine Manley who lived at Milton Street and from around this date the family lived in Milton Street Roath. Denis lists that he was living at 29 Roland Street at the time of their marriage.

Phil Roderick, Senghenydd